AGU 2016 Fall Meeting Preview

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2016 Fall Meeting is right around the corner. Here are some interesting talks and posters that you do not want to miss:


  1. Near-optimal alternative generation using modified hit-and-run sampling for non-linear, non-convex problems

David E. Rosenberg and Ayman Alafifi

Abstract ID: #194423

Friday, December 16th

11:35 – 11:50 in  Room #3002, Moscone West

Session: H52G Water and Society: Water Resources Management and Policy in a Changing World V



We will show scalable near-optimal alternative generation strategies for nonlinear problems with inequality constraints and look at the challenges to generate near-optimal alternatives for an even more challenging class of problems — nonlinear problems with equality constraints.


  1. Monthly Paleostreamflow Reconstruction from Annual Dendrochronologies for Water Systems Analysis

James Howard Stagge, David E Rosenberg, Robert J DeRose, Tammy M Rittenour

Monday, 12 December 2016  13:40 – 18:00

Poster GC13E-1231, Moscone South – Poster Hall

Session: GC13E: Natural and Anthropogenic Drivers of Hydroclimatic Change in Western North America II Posters


This poster presents a new method of reconstructing monthly streamflows over hundreds of years using tree-ring chronologies and other reconstructed time series.  Reconstructing monthly, rather than annual, streamflows is key to implementing paleoclimate time series in water systems models to explore pre-industrial variability in drought vulnerability.  This novel method is applied to two sites in northern Utah, reconstructing 600 years of flow and exploring the climate drivers of hydrologic extremes in the region.


  1. Systems Modeling to Improve River, Riparian, and Wetland Habitat Quality and Area

Ayman Alafifi and David E. Rosenberg

Friday, 16 December 2016: 13:40 – 18:00

Poster H53A-1670, Moscone South, Poster Hall

Session: H53A. Water and Society: Insights from Hydroeconomic Models for Managing Supply, Quality, and Coordination in Water Resource Systems under Climate Extremes and Uncertainty II Posters


This poster presents a new method that utilizes systems models to recommend reservoir releases, streamflows, and water allocations throughout a watershed to maximize the ecological habitat quality. It shows the power of collaborative approach to model complex hydro-ecological systems, prioritize restoration, and accommodate multiple aquatic, riparian, and wetlands habitats and species.


Make sure you stop by these talks and poster and leave us your feedback!



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