A new tool for wetland management

Thanks to the publicity efforts of Matt Jensen in the USU College of Engineering, our recently published paper that describes a new systems modeling tool to manage water and invasive vegetation in wetlands has been getting media attention. To date, there are articles in 8 online and radio outlets:

and 11,000+ page views on the science news site EurekAlert!–a new record for the College of Engineering.

The key here was taking a few hours while the manuscript was in review to draft and edit a short press release that described our research and why it’s important. Once we heard that the manuscript was accepted, Matt posted the press release and some photos to EurekAlert! Over the next several days, a few outlets emailed or call to ask some follow-up questions; the others simply reprinted the press release verbatim.

The original journal article appears in Water Resources Research, is titled “Systems Modeling to Improve the Hydroecological Performance of Diked Wetlands” and authored by former student Omar Alminagorta, David E. Rosenberg, and Karin M. Kettenring. Email if you do not have a subscription to the journal and would like an electronic copy of the full article. We also have an open, online repository (SWAMPS) that makes available the data, model code, and results generated for the work. The repository is part of our #OpenScience effort to make our research and work accessible and reproducible.


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